4 key factors when creating a skill-building program

Give employees what they really want, need and care about

How do employers provide their people with education opportunities that make a significant business and social impact? By understanding the multi-dimensional, and often complex wants and needs of their employees.

InStride conducted research and interviews to pinpoint what employees actually care about and require when it comes to achieving outcomes that matter.

In this two-page checklist you’ll learn more about the must-have factors of a high impact, skill-building program:

  • Make it accessible
  • Share success stories
  • Show employee ROI
  • Encourage organizational support

Adult learners make the choice to further their education journeys for various reasons including to upskill or reskill, advance their careers, earn more money or switch careers. Whatever their motivations may be, investing in the effort to understand their needs enables them to embark on the path to success — ultimately advancing your people and business.

To align crucial insights about adult learners with your skill-building program, start by downloading this essential resource today.

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