5 steps to reskill your workforce

COVID-19 puts demand for upskilling on fast forward

The pandemic accelerated the need for workers to upskill and reskill, a trend that has been growing for the last several years. Now it’s estimated that by 2022, 54% of all employees will require significant upskilling.

It’s clear that the need for efficient and effective upskilling initiatives are vital to the workforce of tomorrow. But, where do you start today?

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Practical steps to quickly reskill your workforce
  • Key questions to consider when building or expanding your talent development program to meet the demands of a changing economy
  • Best practices for delivering quality education for employees at every stage of their careers
  • How to create journeys that bridge the gap between employers’ needs and employees’ skills

Organizations such as adidas, Aramark, Banfield and more have already leveraged strategic workplace education programs to drive positive business outcomes and social impact.

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