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Advance your diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing access to career-boosting workforce education

In today's workplace, diversity and inclusion stand as recognized values that help drive a corporation's ability to adapt, innovate, and grow. Unfortunately, many organizations approach workforce diversity and inclusion by meeting the minimum requirements for compliance. This has to change.

Forward-thinking industry leaders recognize that education as an equalizer is an important pillar that can help empower their organizations to usher in the net era of diversity and inclusion.


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  • Barriers: Gain an understanding of barriers that significantly impact workforce diversity and inclusion
  • Benefits: Discover how workforce education can promote equality, advance social change and deliver measurable business ROI
  • Best practices: Learn best practices to tailor a workforce education program that aligns your business goals with employee needs, and how to partner with the right academic institutions


Organizations such as adidas, Aramark, Banfield, and more have already leveraged strategic workplace education programs to drive positive business outcomes and social impact.