What to know about the workforce education journey

(and what your employees want you to know)

A fundamental for effective workforce education programs is to understand the adult learner. Who are they? What are their pain points, motivations, preferences and goals?

However, many companies jump right in without doing the proper amount of research to get into the mind of their program’s target market — their employees.

We’ve taken this crucial step for you. InStride conducted extensive interviews with adult learners in the workplace and listened to their experiences. The research report findings offer an in-depth look at:

  • Critical elements companies need to know to support employees while navigating through their learner journeys, which are often more complex than expected
  • Why a strategic approach to workforce education is increasingly important in today’s changing environment
  • Useful tips on how your organization can guide employees when they are considering and prioritizing new learning initiatives

This report enables companies to answer the important question — who are we designing the workforce education program for?

By understanding the expectations, concerns and motivations of adult learners, companies can design a program that satisfies employees’ needs and leads them on the path to success.

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